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Subject:Program Area: Users
Keywords:users, add
Article:Once you have added a product and locked a file you will need to add users for your product. You can do so manually using the instructions below, or use one of our Integration Guides to add users automatically.

To add a user manually, click Users and Add.

Select your product from the drop down list, then fill out the user information.

Click OK to create the registration code.

As of SoftLocker 2.0 you can change the quantity of registrations to create up to 1000. You may also specify the registration code instead of using a random code.

Registration codes are Product-Specific. A registration code will unlock any locked file that is associated with its product.

To see the new user in your User list you must select the product from the drop-down list. The user list displays the following information based on what Product you have selected, or what search term you have entered:

  • ID: The ID of the registration code in the SoftLocker database

  • Product: The product name that this registration is associated with

  • Username: The user's email address

  • Password: The user's registration code

  • Computer ID: The unique ID of this user's computer. If they have not used the software yet that will be noted.

  • Status: Enabled or Disabled. Only users with Enabled registration codes can use your product

  • Created: The date this registration code was created

  • Expires: The date this registration code expires

  • Machines: Single or Multiple based on the number of computer this registration is allowed to run on.

  • Uses: The number of successful uses

  • Denials: The number of times this registration code has been denied use

  • Computers: The number of different computers that have used the registration code

  • Blocked Computers: The number of computers that attempted to use the registration code

The list can be sorted by clicking any of the column headers. The list allows the selection of multiple items at once. You can select multiple items by holding down your Control, Shift or Apple keys. Unless otherwise noted, actions are performed on all selected items.
You can perform the following actions on the currently selected users:

  • Add: Adds a new user

  • Remove: Removes a users. This will delete and disable their registration code.

  • Enable: Enables a registration code. Only enabled registration codes will work with your products.

  • Disable: Disables a registration code. The next time this user attempts to use your product they will be blocked. They can only use your product again if you enable their registration code or they purchase a new one.

  • Expiration: Change date that the registration code expires

  • Single: Make this registration only work on one computer

  • Multiple: Make this registration code work on any number of computers

  • Details: View access details. From the access details window you can see the last 10 uses of your product by this user, and also perform information lookups:
    • TraceRoute: This will trace the internet route to this user's IP address
    • Locate: This will attempt to Geolocate the user based on their IP address

    You can search all of your product's registrations by entering a search term and pressing Search. This will search for partial or full email addresses, registration codes or computer IDs.

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