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Subject:Program Area: Wizard
Article:The SoftLocker Wizard can be used to add a new product, make changes to an existing product, add registration codes and generate URLs or code to place on your website for delivering registration codes.

Open the Client and click the Wizard button. Then follow the onscreen prompts, outlined below.

Welcome Page

On this page you choose to add a new product or use an existing one. To add a new product click next. To use an existing product select it from the list.

Product Information

On this page you can add or edit the product information. You should fill in all available information about your product.

You can also choose to create a test registration which will allow you to register your product once it has been locked.

Choose a file to lock

You can pick any file on your computer system to lock. After selecting a file, the compatibility of that file will be displayed.

If SoftLocker has a secure plugin for that filetype it will allow you to choose to open your file in the plugin. Otherwise the file will be opened by it's default application.

Choose a Demo Type

You can add a demo to your file if you choose. Demos are based on days, uses, time limit or a combination of the three.

Only EXE files and files that open in a SoftLocker plugin can have timed demos.

Optional Affiliate URL

If you are locking a file you can choose to embed your affiliate ID in the file.

Registration Code Delivery

Choose one or more ways to deliver registration codes to your users: manual creation; generate a list of codes; direct customers to a URL; have your eCommerce provider generate codes; get codes remotely from your own server.

Registration Code Options

You can select options like email delivery, multiple or single computer usage, expiration date and quantity of codes from this page.

Product Bundling

If you already have products entered into SoftLocker you can bundle them together. Doing so will create a registration URL that will provide a code for each of the bundled products.

Registration Code List

You can generate a list of username/password combinations that be distributed to your customers. Up to 1000 codes can be generated at a time.

eCommerce Remote Code Generation

Provides links to generic integration guides, and Paypal IPN integration guides.

Using Remote Scripting to Grab Codes

This section allows you to generate code in ASP or PHP that you can place on your website to allow your website to remotely generate codes and send email notifications.


Displays a list of all actions to be taken by the wizard.

Wizard Complete

Shows what actions were taken by the wizard, displays any generated registration codes, URLs or code.

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