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Subject:Program Area: Tools
Keywords:filters, registration
Article:The tools area has three sections:

Computer ID Reset

Forgot Registration

and Registration Filters, which is described below.

By clicking Tools followed by the Registration Filters tab you can enter filters that will prevent registrations based on IP address, IP Range, Domain or Email address.

You can choose from five types of filters:

  • Email - Exclude: Will block any registrations by a matching email address

  • IP Address - Exclude: Will block any registration by a matching IP Address

  • IP Range - Exclude: Will block any registration by an IP address that falls within the range you enter

  • Domain - Exclude: Will block any registration whose HTTP_REFERRER is a particular domain.

  • Domain - Inclusive: Will only allow registrations if the HTTP_REFERRER is the domain you entered.

  • You can use these filters to block certain people, or certain inbound linking websites.

    Choose your filter type, enter a block value, and click the Add button to block registrations.

    Once a user is blocked we place a cookie on their machine that prevents further registration attempts entirely. If you are testing filters you must remove this cookie after each block. The cookie will be named banned and will be from the domain.

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