Privacy Policy

We take privacy very seriously and the bottom line of our privacy policy is this: we will keep all information about you absolutely private, we won't spam you, we will never contact your customers.

We will never provide your information to any third party without your permission. We will only send you promotional material if you subscribe to our mailing list. We may occasionally contact current subscribers and software owners to notify them of an update to their software.

Our website requires the use of cookies to log in and purchase software. This information is kept private and is not available to other websites.

Our website and software can in some cases collect non-identifiable information such as IP addresses and system information. Even though this information is anonymous it is kept strictly private.

Our servers collect identifiable information in the form of email addresses which are used by your customesr to register your locked files. We keep this information strictly private. We will never contact your customers. If you choose, our system will send automated emails to your customers which confirms their registration. Those emails will never contain promotional material.

We take every reasonable precaution to ensure the security of data stored on our system.

Our mission is to make you entirely comfortable with our policy. If you have a question or suggestion that pertains to privacy please email

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