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The SoftLocker ListBuilder is a simple and effective way to build a huge, targeted, opt-in mailing list. Just select a file that you want to distribute, lock it with the listbuilder, and distribute it on the internet. Everyone who uses your file can get a free registration code just by signing up for your opt-in mailing list. The more your file is passed around the larger you list will grow! You can even give your file to other websites as a free ebook and they will do the work for you!

Want to try an example? I locked a picture of me and my adorable daughter and included a special message. Just download and run the example file to see exactly how SoftLocker ListBuilder works!

Easy Trial Setup

If you want to let your customers try your product before they buy it's easy: The SoftLocker ListBuilder can turn any file into a demo. You can configure a demo based on uses or days. At any time during the demo, or when the demo expires, your customers can visit your mailing list page and sign up in order to use your file.

Automatic Registrations

When set up properly the system is completly automatic and allows people to:
  • Download your product
  • Try the trial
  • Visit your mailing list signup page
  • Register your product
  • Receive your registration code in an email from your mailing list
  • Unlock the full version
These steps are completely automated: all you have to do is sit back and let the mailing list signups come rolling in!

Free Trial

The SoftLocker ListBuilder is absolutely free to try for 15 days. Just download the software to get started right away.

Low Price

At $39.95 the SoftLocker ListBuilder is the most cost effective viral mailing list too available and can be used indefinitely for as many different products and targeted mailing lists as you like.

How exactly does it work?

It's very simple:
  • You have a file you want to distribute but you want users to join your mailing list first
  • You use our locking software to lock your file.
  • All of your product information is embedded into your locked file.
  • You distribute your locked file to your users and other websites, and allow it to be distributed freely.
  • They try the trial version and decide to register.
  • They click the register button and are brought to your mailing list page.
  • You have your mailing list send them the registration code via email to ensure they used a valid email address.
  • There they receive their registration code.
  • They enter it into the software and can now use the full version.
  • They can pass the file around to their friends, post it on their website and blogs, and eventually you will have users joining your list at an astounding rate!

How is my software protected? Can it be cracked? Can the registration code be passed around?

There is no such thing as a product that can't be cracked: when you run computer code it is visible to the operating system and can potentially be cracked.

Our intent is find a perfect balance between ease of use and security. SoftLocker does protect your file from being copied, but we also make it so easy for your users to register for free that they have no reason to try to crack the software. However, here are some of the technologies in place that protect your file from being used in a way that wasn't intended:
  • Morphing database storage
  • Triple-check product tampering detection
  • Trials immediately disable upon tampering
  • 128 bit encryption
  • Checksum verification
  • Copy prevention

If you want real security for your product, see If you want an easy to use viral mailing list tool for your free products, it doesn't get any better than the SoftLocker ListBuilder!


You will see from our features list that SoftLocker ListBuilder is easy to use but also a very advanced system. No other system provides this level of features for such a low price and a free trial.

  • Lock any file or executable by wrapping our locking software around it
  • Works on PDF, DOC and all other file types
  • No programming skill necessary
  • Lock a file in under a minute
  • Get email addresses from every single person that uses your file
  • Available in over 40 languages via
  • Create trial versions that expires based on uses or days
  • Require users to join your mailing list to use your free product
  • Works with any mailing list provider. Includes third party solutions or use your own hosted mailing list.
  • Create multiple targeted mailing lists
  • Distribute your product with resale rights to generate viral signups
  • Self contained programming - no additional distribution files
  • Locked files can be embedded in installers and zip files
  • Encryption and Checksum technology prevent tampering
  • Trials automatically expire if tampering is detected
  • Sophisticated encryption scheme prevents your files from being copied while in use
  • Locked files work on all Windows Systems from 2000 to Windows 7.
  • Developed by shareware professionals
  • Many more! Try the free trial to see for yourself!

  • Want to find out more?

    Visit our Support section for our frequently asked questions, or our Tutorial page for a quick overview of how easy it is to lock a file with the SoftLocker ListBuilder.

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