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Subject:How does work?
Keywords:overview, system, softlocker
Article:It is important to understand exactly how the SoftLocker system works. When set up properly it will allow your customers to try your product, purchase it and register it without any intervention on your part, completely automating your eCommerce.

Here is an overview of the SoftLocker System from start to finish:

  • You have a product you want to protect so you open

  • You add the product to by filling out a form or using the wizard.

  • You lock the product's related file with It could be an executable or one of many supported filetypes.

  • You decide which method to use to distribute registration codes: manually generate them; create a predefined list; link to a special URL on our website; or have your server or eCommerce provider contact us.

  • Your locked file is embedded within a standalone executable file. You can distribute the file on its own, or embed it within an installer or other compressed file, like a zip file.

  • Your customers download your locked file and try the trial version.

  • When they are ready to register they click the Register Now button and are brought to the Buy URL that you entered when you locked your file.

  • Your Buy URL directs the customer to your payment processor, mailing list, or other page that requires the customer to take a registration action.

  • Once the registration action is completed, such as a successful payment or mailing list signup, you deliver the customer's registration code in any of the following ways:

    • Manually: You open the SoftLocker Client and manually generate a code for them

    • Code List: You or your payment processor picks a code from a predefined list that you have generated

    • URL: You or your payment processor directs your customer to a special URL, they enter their email address and receive a code

    • Remotely: Your server or your payment processor contacts a page on our website, sending the customer's information. We generate a code and send it back.

  • Optional: SoftLocker can send the customer a copy of their registration information in an email which is branded with your product and company name.

  • Your customer enters their registration information into your locked file.

  • The file is now registered to that user. They will no longer see the trial or registration screen

  • You can manage the registration through the SoftLocker Client. If there is a refund you can remotely disable the code. The next time the user tries to use your locked file they will be unable to do so.

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