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Article:Before you can lock a product's file you will need to add it to the product list.

To automatically add a product you can use the SoftLocker Wizard by clicking the Wizard button in the SoftLocker client.

To add a product manually, follow these steps in the SoftLocker Client:

Click Products and then click Add

You will be required to fill out the following fields:

  • Name: The product name. This should match the executable file that you want to lock.

  • Company: The name of your company or website

  • Website URL: Your website URL

  • Buy URL: A URL where the customer can purchase the product. We recommend using a page on your own website that directs the customer to your payment processor or registration scheme.

  • Download URL: A URL where the customer can download the product. This can be a direct link to your product or a page that links to your product.

You do not need to put any content on these pages yet, but you will need to place content there eventually. Click the OK button to add your product. You will notice your product appears in the list of products.

The product list displays the following information:

  • ID: The ID of the product in the SoftLocker database

  • Name: The product name

  • Company: The product company

  • Website: The product website

  • Buy URL: The product purchase page

  • Download URL: The product download URL. Any links you create that do not specify a download URL will use this one. If you change this through the client software it will automatically update all of your links that do not specify a different download URL.

  • Type: Branded or Custom. branded products display as Branded. Any product you add yourself is Custom.

The list can be sorted by clicking any of the column headers. The product list only allows the selection of one product at a time.
You can perform the follwing actions on the currently selected product:

  • Add: Adds a new product to the list

  • Remove: Removes a product from the list. You should not remove products unless you are no longer distributing them. If you accidentally remove a product it can be retrieved by contacting support.

  • Edit URLs: Allows you to edit the Website, Buy, and Download URLS*. Note: If you change these URLs via the SoftLocker client they will not be automatically updated in your locked files. You will need to re-lock your files in order to update them with new information. The Download URL is different: if you edit the Download URL it will automatically update all of your SoftLocker Links that don't specify a Download URL.

*It is not possible to edit the Product Name or Company Name of a product because those are used for identification of your locked files. branded products may only change the Download URL. To change other URLs for branded products please contact support.

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