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Subject:Advanced: Bundling Products
Article:You can generate URLs that will register more than one product at once. This is called bundling.

-Click on "Links" and then "Add".
-Choose a link name like "Program Bundle"
-Select one of the products that you want to bundle from the "Product" drop down
-To the right of the product drop down, under "Bundle With", select one of the other products that you want to bundle
-Click the "Add" button to add the second product
-Repeat for all the products that you want to register with this link
-When you are done click the "Test" button. You should see that your link will register all of the products that have been bundled
-If everything looks good click the "Save" button to save your link
-Click on the link in the list of links
-After your customers payment goes through send them to the URL listed under URL or Short URL

It is possible to create links that bundle products on-the-fly, for example, if you have a shopping cart and want to register all of the products in your customer's shopping cart at a time.

Please see the Advanced section of the SoftLocker help file for advice on generating your own softlocker links.

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