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Subject:Distributing Your Locked File
Keywords:locked, distribute
Article:Distributing locked files is easy. Once locked your file will become an EXE file that does not require any additional files in order to run. Windows files will work on any windows system from Windows 2000 to Windows 7, 32 and 64 bit. There are three usual methods of distribution:

  • Just send the locked EXE: If your product does not require any additional files you can simply send the locked EXE.

  • Zip the locked EXE: Locked EXE files respond well to compression. We recommend this above sending the EXE file uncompressed.

  • Include the locked EXE in an installer: Your locked EXE file can replace your original file in an installer. Be sure not to lock the installer itself. Instead, lock the file or executable that would be installed by your installer. Then have your installer install the locked file instead of the unlocked file.

  • Your installer should place the locked file in the same location on the user's hard drive that it would have placed the unlocked file.

Locked files can be distributed by email, by linking on a webpage, by CD/DVD, and even on USB drives.

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