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Subject:Canceling Accounts
Article:To cancel your account you may log in to your My Account page through our website or the SoftLocker Client.

Your account status will be displayed.

If you have a trial account you do not need to do anything to cancel, your account will automatically expire.

If you have an active subscription you can click the Unsubscribe button to disable it.

You will be directed to our payment processor to cancel your subscription. Your account will become inactive immediately upon cancellation. We cannot prorate subscriptions.

If your account expires or you cancel your account your existing users will still be able to use any products they have registered. New registrations will not be allowed, and you should remove SoftLocker from your purchase process.

If you do not remove SoftLocker from your purchase process you will be notified if a customer tries to register one of your products through so that you can you consider reactivating your account.

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